Kara Marzahn has always been driven by her strong fascinations with anatomy, science and engineering.

Kara began her bodywork career by assisting chiropractors in the treatment of a wide variety of injuries from strains and sprains to degenerative spinal issues and chronic pain conditions.  Quickly building a reputation for her detailed approach to bodywork, Kara created Bodycares in 1998.  She has several accreditations and certifications which allow her to tailor her sessions to a wide assortment of client needs but always towards the goal of better physical efficiency and decreased pain.

Her clients include professional musicians, world champion athletes as well as weekend warriors.  Having studied in America and in Japan with a variety of talented healers, Kara is always seeking to better understand how to care for her clients.  She continues to work closely with doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists and other medical experts to bring her clients to a higher state of health.