"As a professional musician... I have suffered from a number of potentially career-threatening physical problems and Kara's expertise has helped me to overcome them... she has a rare gift for healing; a sophisticated knowledge of the mechanics of the body informed by an intuitive approach."  

- E.G., Boston Symphony Orchestra

"I'm an engineer and a natural skeptic of 'alternative therapies.'  But, after meeting Ms. Marzahn and seeing Bodycares, I believe that her treatments would be appropriate for almost anybody.  She and her office both come off as professional and medically sound."  

- D.R., WBUR group

"I am a nursing supervisor with 33 years of practice in clinical areas. I choose to 'private pay' and work with Kara individually.   After my initial appointment, there was no doubt that I would continue seeing her for my injury."  

- M.R., Massachusetts General Hospital

"I just ran a mile? I'm not breathing heavy! You're amazing!"

- S.B., Biologist