At Bodycares, each style of therapy directly complements the others. We encourage you to try them all to determine what works best for you. Combine therapies for the quickest and most rewarding results.

Bodywork - Specialized, localized techniques that can give you relief for both recent injuries and long-term physical issues.
Physical Re-education - Customized training programs to improve your strength, flexibility, posture, balance and coordination... let us help you create a new you.
Relaxation Techniques - Learn to focus your breathing, calm your body and soothe your mind.  This is the spiritual side of health; being in touch with the messages your body is sending.  Stop fighting your body and learn how it can be your most trusted advisor for wellness.
ChiRunning - This revolutionary running technique combines elements of T'ai Chi with the physics of running to increase your body's balance & efficiency while deceasing your effort and your chance of injury.