We highly recommend that you do not consume any pain-killers, alcohol, or recreational drugs which could potentially limit sensation and decrease your ability to give us accurate feedback during your visits.

Initial Consultation

Please bring running shorts to your first session.  Women, please bring a sports bra also.

Come 15 minutes early.  You will need to fill out paperwork on your background and medical history.

You will receive an initial assessment which may take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.  The actual length of the assessment will depend on how many areas you wish us to address, as well as the severity and complexity of your condition(s).  We like to be thorough.

During the assessment, we will bring you through several information-gathering tests.  We will measure your joint flexibility, determine if there are any muscular imbalances, compare elements of posture and see how you use your body in real life.

After the assessment, we will decide where to begin your therapy. Usually, you would choose the area which is most troublesome for you. Tell us your preference. If you are coming for a Relaxation Technique session, bring comfortable clothing. If you are going to learn ChiRunning, bring layers of clothing that are weather-appropriate.



Once we select a starting point, your therapist will tell you what to expect during the therapeutic part of the session.  Even if you have had a similar therapy before, please be patient while we explain how we operate.  It may be different from your past experiences.

During your therapy, we will check in regularly to make sure that our techniques are working for you.  Please be direct with us if a technique is painful or if you do not understand something.  We want every experience at Bodycares to be as productive and as positive as it can be. Sessions generally last 60 to 90 minutes.

As your session nears the end, we will tell you what to expect after the session.  Some people may experience soreness or fatigue.  We will tell you how to avoid this and how to treat these symptoms if they appear. 


Sessions may involve guided meditation, gentle movement, body awareness or breathing technique. We may use such tools as music or chimes to help you relax. Feel free to bring a favorite soothing CD from your own collection. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. We have blankets but you may wish to bring layers if you get cold easily. Sessions generally last one hour.


These are active sessions which may be indoors or outdoors depending on weather. We do not use treadmills. Bring appropriate clothing. You will be learning body awareness, breath techniques, balance and joint flexibility in addition to correct running form. Sessions generally last one hour.


We may give you homework.  This will reinforce the work that we do together at Bodycares. It is very important for you to try to do your homework. We want to make as much progress with you as we can.

If your homework is not making sense or is not possible for some reason, tell us.  We will find something that works for you.  (Of course, contact us if you have any other questions or feedback.  We are always interested in hearing your thoughts!)