Everyone has had the experience of benefiting from another person's wisdom at some point or another.  Maybe it was the teacher who really inspired you.  It may have been the friend who has a wonderful gift of insight.   Perhaps, for you, it was a family member.

Here is some of the wisdom that we have gathered over the years. Drink as much or as little as you like..


...Speaking of drinking, we have all heard that getting enough water is important but did you know that by the time you actually feel thirsty, you are already pretty dehydrated?  To prevent this, try to consume six 8 oz. glasses of water a day.  Even better, try to avoid foods that are drying to your body, like crackers or foods high in salt. 

Cooking methods which use water instead of oils are generally healthier for your system as they mimic the natural environment of your interior body; watery and warm.

Blanching: Drop vegetables in boiling water until they become bright with color and then take them out immediately and eat them.  Yum!  It should only take a few seconds and leave your veggies crunchy and delicious.

Steaming: Place foods in a steamer for a minute or so.  Don't over-cook your food or the chemical bonds will break down and the food will become mushy.  At that point, many of the valuable nutrients have already broken down and are gone from the food.

...Speaking of cooking, it is extremely beneficial to cook for yourself.  Maybe you aren't the greatest cook in the world.  Maybe the extent of your culinary genius is a great Mac 'n' Cheese. 

So, buy yourself a healthy cookbook and try a few recipes.  Up the quantity of fresh veggies, whole grains and locally grown fruits in your diet.  Learning to cook for yourself generally means that the food you eat will be lower in both salt and fat. 

Also, the very act of cooking for yourself says, "I deserve good things."  It is a message to yourself that you are a person who is worth taking the time to treat well.  When you believe that, others will follow suit.

...Speaking of good things, when you sit down to a nice meal, (and you really should sit down to eat, folks) turn off the television or put down your magazine and just eat.  Okay, having a nice conversation with friends, family or someone you care about is perfectly fine.  Keep the conversation light so your digestion won't get stymied. 

Don't slouch.   Sit up so that your digestive system doesn't get compressed while it's trying to function.  (How would you feel if someone stuck you in a cramped working environment and you couldn't get out?  Er... sorry if that's a little too familiar to some of you.) 

Rather than shoveling the food into your mouth, chewing once and then reaching for the next bite, try chewing your food until it's pulpy before you swallow.  Sure, you probably read the word "pulpy" and think, "Nah...not hungry now, thanks."  But, think about it for a second.  If you chew your food like you are designed to do, the digestive process has already begun before the food hits your stomach.  Then, your stomach doesn't have to work as hard and you are much less likely to have trouble digesting your food. 

Okay, raise your hands.  How many of you have digestive problems?  Yep, thought so.  Sit down, turn off the telly and chew your food!


More wisdom to come!  Check back soon.